iPod Case Tutorial

I recently made this cute iPod Touch case out of scrap materials I had lying around. I thought I’d create a tutorial to make this case. It’s easy and fun, and will add a little spice to your iPod! Don’t have an iPod? You can easily change the size to fit a different model iPod, MP3, or cell phone! Enjoy. (:

1. You’ll need four different fabrics for this design. However, only two of them will be mainly visible (see top picture). Cut a strip from each one that measures 2″ x 18″.

2. Arrange your strips in the order you want them. Keep in mind that the two outside pieces will be the least visible, while the middle two will make up most of the case.

3. Take the first two strips and lay them together, right sides together. Sew along one edge, with a 1/4″ seam. All seams will be 1/4″ unless otherwise stated.

4. The pieces should look like this once sewn and unfolded.

5. Lay the next piece of fabric right-side-down on one of the strips you just sewed (which are right-side-up), aligning the edges. Pin. Sew along the edge as you did in step #3.

6. When unfolded, the pieces should look like this.

7. Repeat step #5 for the fourth strip.

8. Measure your device. This iPod Touch was 2 1/2 inches across.

9. Measure the length of the device as well.

10. – 11. Fold over one end of the material, right sides together. Fold it over the length of the iPod, plus about 1 1/2 inches.

12. Cut the extra material later and set it aside for later use.

*Depending on the device you have, you may have a headphone jack in either the bottom or top of your device. If it’s on the top, you don’t need to worry about steps #13 – #16.Β 

13. – 14. If your headphone jack is on the bottom, keep the material folded as it is in #12 and center your device on top of it. make a mark where the headphone jack is, on the fold.

15. Cut a semicircle (or half a square πŸ˜‰ ) out of the fold. Now time for some hand-sewing!

16. Take a needle and thread (thread about 18 in. long). Fold the thread in half and put the two ends through the eye of the needle so that a loop is formed. This will make it easier to secure the thread on the first stitch and will also make it stronger altogether.

17. Put the needle in about 1 – 2 ml. away from the edge of the hole, on the wrong side. Before pulling it all the way through, put the needle through the loop formed earlier and pull the thread all the way.

18. Use an overhand stitch (I did a blanket stitch) all the way around the hold to keep it from fraying. Mine is pretty messy…but I’ve never been good at hand sewing. πŸ˜‰ Set aside.

19. Now take the second piece of material you set aside earlier. This will be your flap.Take the measurement of your device across (mine was 2 1/2 ins.) and subtract 1/2 in. That would make mine 2 ins. I took the center two inches so that the flap would be matching with the rest of the case, but you can do whatever. Make sure it’s wrong side up and mark on each side. Add 1/2 inch to 1 inch onto only one side and trim this side.

20. Fold over the top edge about 1/4 – 1/2 in. Pin.

21. Sew the top edge down, using an edgestitch (about 1/8 in. seam).

22. Fold in the corner and then the side (see picture 23) so that no extra material hangs over the side.

23. It should look like this. Pin.

24. Sew, using an edgestitch.

25. Do with the other side of the flap as you did with the first side. It will fold over way further and cover the raw end of the first side. It will make a double seam but I like the look of it anyway. (: (#26)

26. The good side of the flap should look like this — the part you’ll always see.

27. The other end of your flap will still be a bit ragged. Set it aside.

28. Measure how much you’ll need to fold over on each end of the original piece of material to make it the exact length you need for your device. Do this for both ends. Sew. I folded over the ends of the first piece of material nearly an inch. Trim the extra.

29. Make two marks on the wrong side of your flap: where to put it on the edge and on the seam that’s already there. Sew it on this seam first, then if you want to edgestitch it as well, you can.

30. Trim the extra off.

31. Find a cute button!

32. Sew a buttonhole on the flap, in the center. I can’t help you with this, unfortunately; every sewing machine is different in this step. Consult your machine manuel for directions on creating the buttonhole.

33. Double check to make sure your button fits the hole.

34. You’ll sew the button to the actual case, obviously. Make a dot to determine where you will sew the button and so that it’s aligned properly with the buttonhole.

35. Sew the button. (:

36. All done with the button!

37. Fold the material in half, right sides together. Make a mark about 1/4 – 1/2 in. away from device (center it!) on either side.

38. Pin securely and sew down the side.

39. Do the same with the other side.

40. Trim each side, as well as the bottom corners.

Turn it inside out and…voila! All done. (:

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. (:



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