Reversible Bible Cover: Complete! (:

Following the Seven Sistersreversible Bible cover tutorial, I completed my own! (: I really like it. There were a few minor complications: resizing (I have a smaller Bible); the front pocket ending up on the back (I don’t mind so I didn’t fix it…I tried once but it still ended up on the back. :-/ ); getting all the pockets in the right places. But it still turned out pretty well…I’m just not a great visual thinker; I had a hard time figuring out what needed to go on what side for it to all work out…I had to follow the tutorial word-for-word (literally!). Here are a few pictures:

{open; ribbons are attached to cover. Also has two pencil pockets and another small pocket you can’t really see beside these.}

{front}                                                     {back, with pocket}

 A close-up of the main fabric’s design. (: I really like it. I used left-over material from a four-tiered skirt I made and so I’ll go to church this week matching. 😀 )




{some other pictures…and me having fun with my camera… 😛 )

I have this tutorial listed under the A Few of My Favourite Things page.

God bless!


One thought on “Reversible Bible Cover: Complete! (:

  1. Super duper! I really like it, Emily! 😀 This pattern’s a brain stretcher, for sure! The first time I did it, I didn’t write it down, so I had to figure out what I did the first time 😛 Then it went from scribbles on a sticky note, to handwritten directions on paper, to a picture tutorial 🙂

    So glad I got to see your Bible cover 😉 Thanks for posting pictures!

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