Old Necklace: Refashioned

This morning, my mother and I went yard-sale-ing (how do you spell that?!). Several people on our road are elderly, and we were just browsing with no mission in mind. However, on the fourth house, I spotted this vintage-y necklace for $1. I decided to buy it, thinking it would make nice necklace if I refashioned it a bit. 🙂 The clasp was broken though, and it was a little shorter than what I wanted, so I had to fix that first. I used to be kind of into making jewelry, so I still had supplies from that. If you just want to see the refashion, scroll down more. 🙂

Fix & Lengthen

1. My necklace. The clasp was broken, which you probably can’t see. The chain was directly attached to the clasp, which didn’t make my life much easier — but it was still okay.

2. Cut the clasp off with wire cutters (I have very fine ones for beading/jewelry that I picked up for about $6 at Wal-Mart).

3. Take a small ring and open it.

4. A close-up of the chain without the clasp.

5. Secure the small ring onto the chain (mine just barely fit — the chain was so small!).

6. Double-check to make sure you can still fit the pendant on; otherwise, you may have to open the small ring on the pendant to let the chain through.

7. I took a small piece of extension chain (about 3″) and secured this onto the ring as well before closing it. You may or may not want to do this, depending on the length you want it.

8. Repeat steps 3 & 5 with the other side.

9. I used “twisty” clasps. Just bend the little loop out.

10. Attach to ring (one part of the clasp on each end).

11. On the other end you’re going to have to put it on the extension (if you don’t have an extension, ignore this step. 😉 )

12. Done!


For my refashion, I kept it pretty simple. 🙂

1. Find some lace. It’s a lot easier to use lace that is almost gathered along one side, based on your pendant (round or not) because it lies a bit flatter than a completely flat lace would as it is secured around the edges.

2. Start at the top, on the wrong side, where the pendant attaches to the chain because it will be less obvious that it starts there. Make sure to keep the chain out of the way. 🙂 Using a glue gun, start gluing around…

3. …and around.

4. When you get back to the top, glue about 1cm past the starting point.

5. Trim the lace, leaving about 1cm tail.

6. Fold this lace back at the last place it was glued (which should be about 1cm from the start). Allow it to overlap the original starting point by just a hair — just enough so that there isn’t a gap between the start and finish.

7. Secure closer around the edges…

8. …and you’re done!

Ta-da! 🙂 I am definitely wearing this to church tomorrow! Why not try your own refashions? You could try taking the pin off of an old brooch and securing it to a chain. A thrift store is a great place to get old jewelry at a cheap price; you could get a piece of jewelry just for the chain or pendant, mixing and matching different styles. Why not get a fine chain with a large pendant, which will make the pendant stand out; or a large chain with a smaller pendant? It’s up to you! Try out a few things. It’s easy, simple, cheap, and a lot of fun!


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