Through Trials

You know when we go through trials, our fellow Christians tell us to not give up on God?

To just cling to God in everything, no matter what happens?

And how we question God, asking “Why?”

It seems that when we go through trials, it’s all on our end — we think only with our perspective. How it’s affecting us, and our lives. Yet we are still told that no matter what, God will carry us through…He will keep us close to Him.

But have you ever thought about God’s perspective? He’s glad He got the opportunity to carry you through this trial. He’s glad He’s been able to hold you close to His heart. He’s glad you used this opportunity to learn more about Him and let Him carry you through it. He’s glad.

Have you ever thought of God that way? He wants to hold you close. To be there for you when times are tough. To let you get to know Him.

Why don’t you take some time to get close to God? To learn more about Him. Read some of His Word.




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