No Shampoo: Doubts…

As you all know, I’ve been trying out the “no ‘poo” method for over a week now. I did an update, too, telling you my favourite variation of this method. However, I’m starting to have doubts. Not about how well this works, but simply for me, personally.

For ever since I can remember, I’d been using Herbal Essence’s products in my hair — shampoo and conditioner. However, at my friend’s house, I developed an itchy scalp — mostly right after my shower. It would diminish as time went on. When I told my friend’s older sister, she said that it was probably the product (I had been thinking I was possibly developing a dry scalp or something). But she knew other people who had also used Herbal Essence and had had the same issue. So upon recommendation by my friend, I decided to try out Live Clean’s products.


I enjoyed them right away. No more itchy scalp, and it was good for the environment. I also went to the website, where they claimed all the products it was free of: sulfate, SLS, parabens, phosphates — all of it. I did a post on it here. (You can see  a complete list of things in most shampoos that Live Clean products don’t have at the end of this post.)

I know that there are many people for whom the no-shampoo method works great. I know people have had amazing results. But for now, I will probably go back to shampoo and conditioner for a few reasons.

1. I went through a lot of baking soda and water; I can use a lot less by using shampoo. Don’t know if that’ll save money or not, though…

2. The body of my hair has been getting greasy, though not my roots. I think this is because I have been concentrating on getting my roots and scalp really well, with good reason, when doing my hair, but I don’t have enough for the body as well. If I did it too, I would use a full water bottle of homemade shampoo! Which wouldn’t be good — I’d probably waste a lot of baking soda and therefore, money.

3. Tomorrow’s picture day at school…. 😛

There are a few things I’ve learned, though, about “no ‘poo” — and things I’ve learned from the experience. For example, I learned what in shampoo harms your hair, and how to recognize these products. I’ve also learned that you probably don’t need as much shampoo and conditioner as some of us use…and much more.

I do encourage you to try out the no shampoo method for yourself! It works with different people differently; it may very well work great for you! It is almost impractical for me, though, because I have blonde, long, thick (oh-so-thick!) hair; making it difficult to evenly distribute it around and still manage to get it throughout the rest of your hair.

So try it out! Take the time to research it. Find out how it works with other people. Try to find someone who has your hair type who also uses it. It will work better for people with shorter or thinner hair. If it doesn’t work, you can look up the Live Clean products.

Quickly, here’s a list of things it’s free of:

  • petroleum-free
  • SLS-free
  • sulphate-free
  • DEA-free
  • silicone-free
  • paraben-free
  • phosphate-free
  • biodegradable ingredients
  • recyclable package
I know a lot of people worry about sulphates, SLS, and silicones (which make a false covering over the hair strand to give it a false shine and smoothness); but this shampoo is free from all of those…which makes me love it. 🙂
So try out a few things! Going “green” and healthier hair isn’t hard, whether you switch shampoos or go “no ‘poo”…and you’ll be glad you did.

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