Sock Monkeys!


I was browsing through a catalog, and I came across…a sock monkey do-it-yourself kit!

To say the least, I was pretty excited. I had heard of sock monkeys but for some reason just became obsessed with them in that moment.

And now I want to make one. Google it, was my first thought. (You know you’re in the 21st century when the solution to almost any problem is Google.)

So I jumped into cyberspace and looked up “How to make your own sock monkey.” I found a pretty decent website which had two illustrations and instructions. This one is called the “vintage”/original sock monkey pattern. I plan on trying to do one without a kit. 🙂

While you can click on the link below each image to see the original website (, I decided to also post the instructions here. 🙂

You Need:

  • 1 pair of (traditionally) Nelson Red Heel Rockford socks (but you could really use any “high” socks, especially if you want different colours, etc.)
  • stuffing (you can use a polyester fill, old cut-up nylons, cotton batting, shredded foam, etc. I would recommend polyester fill)
  • red knitting yarn
  • black embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle (fairly large eye; not a traditional sewing needle)
  • sewing machine (unless you want to hand-sew…)

1. Turn both socks inside-out.

2. Sew a seam (A) 1/2 in. apart down the center of the sock, starting about 3 in. from white heel and going up to the top. Sew around top edge of sock.

3. Cut a line down between the seams, until about 1 1/2 in. from heel. This will leave an opening in the crotch. Each side of this seam will be a leg; the heel will be the behind, and the toe will be the head of the monkey.

4. Turn the sock right-side-out again, so the seams are on the inside and hidden.

5. Use the crotch opening to stuff the head, body, and legs.

6. If you’d like to make the cap, cut the toe off of the second sock as shown, leaving a bit of the brown around the edge.

7. For the tail, cut a 1 in. strip, tapering it to the end of the cuff of the sock on the front. Sew the open side, turn right-side-out, and stuff.

8. For the mouth, cut the heel from the sock, leaving a brown border around the white (same as cap). Fasten on the lower part of the face, whip-stitching around the bottom. Stuff and finish sewing around the top (You can also sew a black line across the mouth). 

9. For the arms, cut the upper part of the sock into two pieces. Sew also the open side/s, turn right-side-out, and stuff.

10. For the ears, cut the remaining sole of the sock into two ear-shaped pieces (similar to a C-shape, the fold being the open part of the C). Sew these on the round sides, stuff thinly, and sew up final side.




11. For the eyes, you can sew on black buttons or simply embroider them on with black embroidery floss. I would recommend the latter, because then it won’t come off and is safer for little kids. 🙂

Assemble it all by sewing the ears to the sides of the head, and the arms and tail to the appropriate areas. 🙂

I plan on making a sock monkey as soon as I am able! I will post pictures once I’m done, as well as any things I found improved it etc. 🙂

If you make your own, post pictures on your blog (if you have one) and comment so I can see!

Have fun!


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