Our Joy

As we live our lives, where does our joy come from?

Does it come from shopping sprees or evenings at the theaters with our friends?

Or does it come from the “simple things” in life, like wildflowers growing in a green meadow, or the leaves turning colour?

What gives us joy? A walk through the park on a sunny day, or a stroll down a moonlit beach?

It’s important to find things that give us joy in our lives. But what kind of joy should we be seeking?

Are we seeking joy from the things that the world tells us will bring us happiness, or do we find our joy in God? Do we find our joy through a new wardrobe or time spent studying God’s Word and prayer?

It still astonishes me that we can find so much time for social time. We can hurry our homework in order to hang out with friends. Or rush through chores so that we can chat on Skype or Facebook.

Yet we never seem to have time for God’s Word. Never set aside time for prayer. When we finally tumble into bed after our busy, social, and work-filled day, we remember our devotions. “Oh right…I was supposed to read a chapter. Oops. Well, it’s too late now — and I doubt I would be able to keep my eyes open.” And with that thought, we slip into a peaceful sleep.

Have you ever thought how sad that makes God? The second you think, “I’m too tired tonight…” God thinks, “Again…brushed aside by others who cannot compare to me. Again, I’ve been set below friends and pleasure. Does she not know I can give her a joy greater than any she will find anywhere on the Earth?”

In today’s society, I think it’s shocking how God is one of our lowest priorities. Often, we would rather do even nothing and just sit on the couch, staring into space, than read His Word. Is that you today? If it is, you need to repent and put God back where He belongs in your life — first.



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