Different Devotions

 A lot of people know they should do devotions. But a lot of people don’t. Why? Some people don’t desire to learn more about our Maker. Some people find them just plain…boring. So how do we solve this problem?

First, what’s the point of doing devotions? To learn more about God. To learn

So I think it depends on how you learn the best. Are you a visual learner? Do you colour-code things and learn things by pictures and flow-charts? Are you more of a reading learner? Do you learn best by reading and writing out information?

If you are a visual learner, I would suggest something like colour-coding Bible verses. If it’s a verse about salvation, highlight it green. If it’s a blessing or promise, highlight it yellow. If it’s about the Holy Spirit, pink; etc. Another idea is to type up your favourite verses on business-card sized papers and decorate them. Tack them on your wall, bulletin board, mirror — anywhere you will see them. Read them over each time you see them; you’ll have them memorized in no time!

On the other hand, are you a “reading” learner? Read a chapter of the Bible for your devotions and write notes. Any verses that “jump out” at you, write them down and write why they stood out. Write how they can apply to your life. It’s a good idea to do this whether you are a visual or reading learner. It’s fun to go back in the future and read over verses you wrote down and how they helped you get through a rough spot in your life.

I usually do the second idea. Devotional guides aren’t a bad idea either; as long as you’re reading the Bible as well! I have used Our Daily Bread before — it’s free, takes only a minute to read, has a Bible passage to go with it and is written by different people.

Another book I’ve enjoyed a lot is Extreme Journey by Thomas Nelson Publishers. It’s a really good book. You read it as you read through your Bible. Not matter what your version is, etc., this book is great. It gives you background information, timelines, and even “interviews” with Biblical characters, which give you insight into how people thought and felt in different circumstances back then.

I thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s a really good book. I wasn’t able to find the actual author, so I just put down the publishers, which is what Amazon had as the author. 🙂

Check these resources out! They’re great — and only a few of the countless resources for you out there.

But whatever you do, nothing — and I mean nothing — is more important than spending time daily in God’s Word.



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