Why Can’t We Love?

Lately I have been feeling convicted when it comes to a Christian’s love for another person, whether they are also a Christian or not.

At my church, there has been some drama among the youth lately. I won’t go into specifics, but it has been the result of people not being very kind to each other, or people making a big deal over something when it’s really not worth a hill of beans (that’s an expression. ^_^).

As I look around the world today and see people having abortions, taking each other to court over the smallest lawsuits, people gossiping ab0ut fellow Christians and others not being kind to each other, it makes me so sad…I sometimes just feel like crying.

By nature, I’m not a people-pleaser in the main sense of the word; I would rather be fair than everyone be happy. I’m not willing to compromise my morals or what the Bible says in order for everyone to be happy.

But you don’t have to compromise any morals or anything that the Bible says to make everyone happy!

In fact, if we all obeyed some of the basic guidelines in the Bible, a lot more people would be happy. Of course. If everyone was nice to each other, no one would be mad at anyone else, etc…

But let’s face it. Not everyone is going to be kind to each other. People will still say hurtful things. People will still kill others. People will still gossip, lie, steal, hurt, cheat, tease, discourage, fight, and be unkind to others. No matter if they’re Christians or not, no one will ever be the perfect person or friend.

Even though we will never have the “perfect world,” that’s no excuse to not respond to these actions with love.

When someone is impatient, we must act patient.

When another is unkind to us, we must respond with kindness.

When someone is jealous, we need to not act envious.

When someone acts boastful and proud, we must act with humility.

When others get angry at us, we must be patient and not respond with anger.

(See 1 Corinthians 13.)

Even when a fellow Christian doesn’t act like a Christian, we must show Jesus’ love to them.

People have come to me in the past complaining about another Christian who acts “two-faced.” They claim that they are rude, negative, etc. They then proceed to quote to me several different instances where this person has acted in the said manner.

“So?” You may be thinking. “What’s wrong with that? I know lots of “two-faced” Christians.”

I don’t mind someone having an opinion about someone else. But when you think about it, what defines a two-faced Christian?

Is it the way they act? The way they don’t sing in church? The way they act spiritually mature but really aren’t?

I think those are all signs of insecurity, and possibly being “two-faced.” But the real sign of a two-faced Christian is, in my opinion, someone who claims to be following God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and who claims to have great love for everyone, but doesn’t.

That’s my opinion.

But my main point is: who is to judge a person who is so-called “two-faced?” Who are we to judge one’s heart? Who are we to judge one’s relationship with God? (to see what I think of judging one’s actions, go here. I completely agree with Becca!)

Only God can judge His children’s hearts. Therefore I believe it is wrong to call someone a two-faced Christian. No Christian is perfect! We are all going to have those “off” days where we are rude to people. Where we aren’t kind to others. Where we don’t show God’s love.

We can’t control how others — Christians or otherwise — act. But we can control how we respond to them. No matter who the person, we need to respond with the unconditional love of Christ Jesus our Lord.



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