the modesty survey

A few posts back, I posted about the book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. They are the authors of the popular Christian website Anyhoo, in connection to that site is the Modesty Survey. It’s an excellent resource for Christian girls who desire to dress modestly. It has hundreds of opinions from Christian guys ages 12 – 19 who have done the survey, as well as many open questions which many guys have answered. A quick preview below:

It’s probably a bit difficult to see; but essentially, there are several categories you can select, such as “Swimwear,” “Skirts,” etc. You then click on a statement you would like to see survey results on. These statements are not the results on the survey but are “questions” asked those who took the survey.

You can then view a bar graph which shows what guys chose: strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree. As you can see in the picture above, the statement is: “Bikini swimsuits are immodest.” Just over 50% of guys said “Strongly Agree”, and about 25% of guys said “Agree.” That’s over 75% of guys who agreed. Only a very small amount disagreed (strongly or otherwise).

As one anonymous 21-year-old said on the website:

A girl who is immodest presents her body as something that anyone can stop by and partake of. She is selling herself for nothing. A girl who is modest presents herself as a pure and beautiful prize that must be won. She will not easily give herself to any other. She may be attractive to many, but she keeps her body for Christ and for marriage. That, I think, is the primary difference between immodesty and attractiveness.

I think this paints a beautiful picture for modesty and describes it very well. 🙂

This survey, as said on the website, is to be used as guidelines, not as a set of rules to be followed. You must make your own decisions but basing them on this survey is extremely helpful. 🙂 I have also linked to this survey on my sidebar, along with I strongly urge you to check it out!




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