365 days before

A few minutes ago, I was sitting here, thinking… What on earth could I write about today? Aren’t you glad you now know what I was thinking at approximately 6:01pm? It could change your life. You never know.

Anyhoo, I was trying to come up with an idea to post about when I got an idea. (Whoa. Didn’t see that one coming.) My idea was to dig out my old diaries/journals from as far back as 2004 and do a post on what I was doing/writing a year ago today, and two years ago today, and three years ago today…etc.

…so here goes:

Five years ago…

Dear Diary: we found Pepper [our cat] today. We lost her almost two months ago. The boys are on the computer right now. I am sorta bored right now. I think I am going to find some ribbons for my hair. Bye!

– Love Emily Sue

Two years ago…

It’s been forever since I’ve written, but I’ve been writing in other journals. I just got back from an orthodontist appointment. It was a free consultation, I think. Anyway, he said they might need to do surgical work on me! Yikes! But Dad said orthodontists always go to the extreme, a bit. So yeah.

I got my ears pierced on Monday! Melissa’s is the same, 14 karat gold instead of gold-plated. So yeah…it hurt a bit when it went in, but not after. All I felt after was a burning sensation for about 2 hours, but that’s completely normal.

Sorry to disappoint…nothing half-decent to record…only two entries…I apologize.

That’s pretty sad that I’ve been keeping diaries for the past seven years…and I only wrote on November 25 twice. Not including this year. Maybe I should go do that. Sometime…

What do you write about in your journal/diary? If you have one, that is. What were you doing a year or four ago?


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