So, Christmas is approaching…rapidly. 25 more days! But I am not yet in the Christmasy mood…I mean, our tree is up, garland is decorating the banisters, and the nativity scene is gracefully perched on our bay window…but I’m not in the  Christmas mood yet. Not that I don’t like Christmas or anything…I do! But I mean, a week ago it was +20 C outside (at noon…only one day). And now, we just got our first snow. Granted, it was all melted by 11:00am. Today was supposed to be a snow day at school…they were forecasting two inches. Yeah…we’re wimps. The real reason they were predicting a snow day was ’cause they were saying the rain would freeze on roads and it would actually be an ice day. I don’t think we’ve ever had snow day due to too much snow. We’ve had fog days…ice days…but no snow days. The closest we’ll ever get to a snow day is a slush-turned-ice day.

Mental note: add “experience a real snow day” to bucket list.

Anyway, we’ve had so much rain in the past two or three days that there is a lake by my school. And it’s not usually there. My brother had a contest with three of his friends to see who could hold their hand in The Lake for the longest. He and his now-purple hand won (he showed me the picture…it was really purple.)

Not that I have a problem with the lack of snow…I just can’t stop thinking of running around in flip-flops…


So I will try to encourage those who also wish for summer to come quickly. With a photograph. And Bible verse. Which doesn’t have anything to do really with summer…but that’s okay. After all, summer’s only 6 months away. 🙂

I love this verse. 🙂 …not that waiting for summer requires much strength…but I need help trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I’ve been playing Carol of the Bells and Hark, the Herald Angels Sing on le piano (that’s French; I’m supposed to practice it 😉 )…but to no avail. 😦

Hopefully it will come…I must just wait for the Lord. 🙂


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