a creative way to journal: scrapbook journal

I got this idea from the Seven Sisters‘ blog: a scrapbook journal.

For those of you who don’t really like the whole idea of journaling because it requires too much writing and time or for those of you who are just bored with dull journals, this creative “journal” is for you!

The Seven Sisters did them…here.

A Holy Experience did them…here.

Cheaper by the Dozen did them…here.

And now I’m doing one. 🙂

It’s so easy to make a scrapbook journal, and is something that you will forever keep because of the treasured memories in it.

All you really need is old magazines and a sketchbook (this one is great, though you may want one larger…I got a larger one at Wal-Mart for $15)

Take your old magazines and rip out any pages which have pictures you like or neat words…anything that catches your attention, really. Arrange them on your different sketchbook pages in interesting ways…colour coordinating or contrasting? Rough or smooth edges? Play!

I personally like just tearing the edges along a ruler edge, as it softens it and gives it a more “homey” feel. But it’s yours, so make it to reflect you!

I also decided to add some lined paper, due to the fact that I cannot write on a straight line to save my life. I am so glad lined paper was invented…

I write my to-do lists, things I did, notes, scripture, thoughts, quotes…pretty much anything that happens in my day a I want to remember! Check out the other bloggers who have done them if you haven’t already; you might get some great ideas!



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