Canadians against abortion: more than a movement

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to do a post on a project part of my youth group has started, because it requires publicity. But not on here. On Facebook.

My church’s youth group has decided that as Christians we need to take a stand against abortion. And not just in our own personal opinions, but make it clear that God says abortion’s wrong and, as a result, we believe that it is wrong. We aren’t pro-choice; we’re pro-life. Abortion is wrong because it kills other human beings. That alone makes it wrong in God’s sight.

So we’ve decided to do something about it by creating a page on Facebook.

The reason we’ve made a page on Facebook is to promote abortion and the seriousness of the issue, yes, but more so to get 1 000 000 Canadians to like the page. Once we get 1 000 000 likes on Facebook, we will write a letter to Stephen Harper voicing our concerns and the evidence of Canadians against abortion. We will ask the Conservative MP in our area (who just so happens to go to our church) the best means of getting the letter to Stephen Harper and ask him to personally deliver the letter to Mr. Harper (if possible).

Why are we doing this? Because it’s not enough to just voice our own opinions and take a stand because that’s what we’ve been taught. God asks us to make a difference and do hard things for Him…for His glory.

Please sign into Facebook (if you have it!) and search this page, Canadians Against Abortion. You have to like the actual page in order to count. You can also check out the 180 Movie video on the page or click that link to watch it on my blog. 🙂

I know many of you will probably read this quickly and move on, but we’d all be very grateful if you’d take a moment and like the page. For your convenience (that’s me being professional…hehehe) I’ve linked to Facebook on the photo. Just click the photo, sign into Facebook and search the page! If you type in Canadians Against Abortion it’ll be one of the first things to pop up…you won’t have to spend five minutes searching for it. Which would be unfortunate.

We have started this project in hopes of making a difference in the future of Canada…and her next generation. We hope you’ll help us by liking the page and standing up, saying abortion is wrong in the eyes of God.

Did you know that 50% of all babies conceived in the world are aborted? We want to change that. And making a movement against abortion is a great way to start.

We have started small but we need your help to grow bigger.

God bless!


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