pure love (the mushy kind)

So just to clarify…this post is about pure love, between a man and a woman — the kind of love that is pure in God’s eyes.

My youth group is doing a series on this kind of love.

Not the typical marriage- _  _  _ -and-dating talk, but love…something so often avoided by youth groups.

However it’s just the girls group doing it, so it’s all from the girls’ point of view!

Moving on…

This week, I’ll talk about:

…why girls are like crockpots & boys are like microwaves

…how you know when a guy really loves you

…what types of things that show character in a guy

…the difference between love and infatuation

…and a lot more!

You can learn from this stuff whether you’re dating or not, and it’s stuff that will stay with you for a lifetime. Our girls’ youth leader had bought us small journals to write notes in, etc. She encourages us to keep them forever so we can go back and look in them.

I’ll be writing a post (about) once a week…so keep checking back for my blog series on love!


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