fourteen hours, tim horton’s, and family

This weekend, my family and I drove seven hours away to my grandparents’ house for a Christmas gathering, which consisted of food, presents, and Settlers of Catan. LOVE.

Three of my four uncles are farmers, and when we visited one of them I was in photographer’s heaven. They run a produce farm with a lot of acreage, a big red barn and a very country-ified house — which they built themselves: white with green trimming. Just so…country.

Watching the littlers opening presents was fun; train sets and mega blocks galore. 🙂

Lift Me Up by the Afters = ♥ x 1 000 000 000 000

We were sad to leave but glad to go back home and devour all the chocolate letters we received (so far I’ve eaten 3 E’s).

It rained almost the entire time home. 😦

Thank goodness for chocolate to cheer me up…well, my mom’s chocolate which she gave to me as a result of my begging to cheer me up. 🙂

My little sister coloured and read the whole way home (GO DOG, GO!). She also sang Happy Birthday to every person she could think of. Thank goodness for headphones. Okay, it was pretty cute. 🙂

Sad it’s all finished, but I can’t wait until next year!

Now for New Year’s Eve…


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