a new “adventure”: the log cabin

I am embarking on an “adventure”: the adventure of making a quilt. 🙂 Well, actually I started a few months ago — bought the material, cut it all up, did my first square — but I just pulled it out again today. (What better time to work on a project than Christmas break?) I’m making a log cabin quilt (as seen here) but my quilt will, of course, have different colours. I’m also going to arrange the blocks so that it will look like a pinwheel. But the basic idea is shown here: borders which get bigger as they get closer to the outside, a white-ish colour for half the block and a darker-to-lighter pattern on the other half.

This is one of my squares. I didn’t want a really white-white solid because I thought it might show a little too much dirt and the more off-white colour went better with the other patterns anyway.

I’m done three squares so far. Only 22 more to go…this could take a while. I’m making it a queen-size so it can go on a queen or double.

Sorry this picture isn’t the best quality. :-/ but you can kind of see most of the colours.

I’ll do another post when it’s getting closer to being done.

God bless!


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