a simple solution

This is a cord. And a window. A cord through a window. A cord through a window from inside a house.

Oh, dear. I sound like Doctor Seuss.

Let me start over.

Once upon a time, a girl was making a smoothie. She took out the clear plastic blender thing and put in a banana, blueberries, strawberries, and some milk. She pressed the power button. It didn’t turn on. Darn. She plugged in the blender and tried again. It worked. She held the button for a long time. The mixture turned white, then pink. But the white foamy stuff on top didn’t disappear! Emitting a sigh, the girl continued to hold the power button for several more minutes. The motor part of the blender began to get warm. Then hot. It was overheating. The girl knew the blender was past its prime so she gave it a rest. Then she started laughing. She called her brother. “Look!” she exclaimed. “It’s smoking!”

“Emily, you’d better turn it off. It’ll catch fire if you keep using it,” was the oh-so-wise advice of her younger brother.

“Yeah I know…I’ll let it cool off a bit.”

“Here — I know. We’ll do this.”

“Okay…that’s kinda dumb…”

“Yeah. But it works,” her brother replied.


Together the two rushed outside the laundry room door. “Don’t touch it,” the girl said. “I need to grab my camera!”

As the boy pulled out his 8GB 4th-generation ipod Touch, the girl snapped a picture. “I hope that cord isn’t going to be ruined,” the girl worried. “If we get in trouble, it’s your fault.” The idea worked, however, the smoothie was scrumptious, and the blender is once again functioning normally. For the most part.

Thus I am sitting here at the computer. The end. 🙂


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