oddities of parsely

 The season this photo was taken is…

a) spring

b) summer

c) winter

d) fall

Factors that may or may not affect your answer:

1/ I live in Canada.

2/ This has never happened before.

3/ This is parsley.

4/ The grass around the garden is green/healthy.

5/ There was no snow whatsoever.

6/ We had gotten a lot of rain recently.

7/ Everything else in the garden was dead 😦

8/ We had mild temperatures.

9/ There are a few dead leaves around the parsley.

10/ I can’t think of any more reasons. 😛

Got your answer yet?

It was…


We’re strange Canadians. The parsley is still alive and well. As a matter of fact, this picture was taken within the past few days. Right now it is 8:44pm. The current temperature is +4 C. Today’s high was +9 C. [This post was scheduled for a later date; thus it was written on Friday, Jan. 6.]



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