¡hola mis amigos!

The last post I wrote was january in a bubble…and now it’s February. Which means I need to write another post. But some random facts to tell you what’s been preventing me from posting this month:

1) Exams.

2) More exams.

3) Busyness because of exams.

4) Piano theory exams.

5) Start of new semester (*happiness*!!)

6) My brother got facebook.

7) Something else which is really super duper kinda exciting for me but I can’t tell you for a few more weeks cause of a reason which exists because I want it to.

And that’s pretty much it. So now that I have a half-decent excuse…

stuff I like.

all this time by Britt Nicole.

canadians against abortion facebook group (:

the real woman by the Rebelution blog

where I belong by Building 429


bucket lists. (I’ll post mine sometime when I get over 15…)

Have a beautiful, llama-filled rest of the week!


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