Here in Canada (well, Ontario) we have been having extremely warm weather. It’s unseasonable…and very weird-you-out type of weather. Like, we’re talking +25 C on March Break. Yup, me and my friends…walking to McDonald’s for ice cream in shorts and t-shirts. Like it was summer.

The bummer part was that it was only a one-week break; not eight. 😦 Had a ton of fun though. My friend visited for the week, and I got lots of quality hang-out time in.

My church is also putting on an Easter play in which I am a crowd person. I get to wear a funky costume and yell at people. That’s my kind of thing. But maybe not the whole yelling-at-people part. Well, depends who it is. Moving on…

So now: random instagrams.

rrroll up the rim to win! It’s that time of year again…

A beautiful March Break sunset (: Oh happiness. (note: that’s a song.)

My church is putting on an Easter play. It’s kinda awesome. We all have pretty legit costumes. This is a picture of me and my friend’s lower appendages in costume. I have red nail polish on. 🙂 I had to always be lifting my skirt to run cause it was super duper long. Like, hazardous-to-my-health kind of long. I felt pretty coolio wearing it though. 🙂

The love for llamas is one that will never fade away…

And now: Oh Happiness by the David Crowder Band.

Just kinda makes you want to jump up and praise the Lord, si?


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