My friend and I had a conversation on Facebook. And it was so…I don’t know…meaningful? (I get kind of sick of saying “awesome” all the time.) So I decided to share it with all you wonderful people because it may (or may not) make you smile. If it does, then yay. If not, then not yay.

Me: Can I put a pic of you on my blog? …actually never mind.

Her: Sure you should 🙂

Me: Yeah but I don’t have any that don’t have our church’s name which I can’t do cause people will find out where I live and stalk me and kidnap me and I will never ever be heard from again…until I magically show up in Angola but by then I will be brainwashed and help the bad guys kill all the llamas on earth!!!

Her: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it, don’t do it! Not the llamas!

Me: See what posting pictures can lead to?

Her: Don’t kill the llamas! Poor llamas, oh poor llamas!

Me: Llamas are very poor. They don’t have anything. Except FUR. Or wool.

Her: Poor poor llamas.

Me: YES THEY DO. Llamas so have a job!

Her: Being awesome?

Me: No. Well, it’s their side job. Their #1 job is to…GROW HAIR. I mean, WOOL.

Her: Alpaca what?

Me: Do you KNOW what an alpaca is? It’s pretty much the same thing as a llama…BUT NOT.

Her: I know. 🙂


Her: hehe 🙂

Le End.


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