hotdogs and motion pictures.

I spent my beautiful, sunny, ideal-for-picnics spring Sunday afternoon holed up in my bedroom. My only company: hotdogs with homemade relish, a dessert plate which contained 50% blueberry pie and 50% whipped cream, and my mom’s laptop paired with a movie I happened upon in my church library: The Shunning, based on Beverly Lewis’s novel.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found the movie. I’d read the whole Heritage of Lancaster County series but had no idea that they were making a movie out of it! (In case you hadn’t noticed…I’m super-into Beverly Lewis’s novels.) The last movie I watched based on one of her novels was Saving Sarah Cain, from the book The Redemption of Sarah Cain (which, incidentally, I never actually read).

But I did read this series. When I picked it up, I guessed it would be the whole series. But no. They decided to make a cliff-hanger. (Or maybe not. To me, everything seems to be a cliff-hanger.) I started feeling super-freaking-out-ish when I realized that this movie was released in 2011, meaning that the sequel probably wouldn’t be out for a while yet! I facebooked my friend multiple times about it (sad how “facebooked” has become a legitimate verb). She also has read the books so naturally, as any good best friend would do, I ruined the movie for her. Partially.

Disclaimer: I messaged her throughout the movie, so please pardon anything that doesn’t make sense.

By the way I just thought I’d let you know in case you didn’t already…they made a movie of the Heritage of Lancaster County series by Beverly Lewis! It’s called “The Shunning”…and Dan Fisher has such a babyface. He looks 14. So disappointing. 😦 haha anyway you should watch it…I am right now. 🙂 Adios!

Oh and btw it’s irritating how they all have pierced ears and how Katie is so obviously wearing makeup. And her dad smashes her guitar!!! I almost cried. That didn’t happen in the books. So upsetting. 😥 Anyway I should stop ruining it for you. Bye again. 🙂

They also are wearing wedding rings! Grr. And the walls are like blue. And the tables are too dinky to seat like ten people.

AWWWWWW even though her father busted her guitar he gave her back the sheet music to a song she was singing earlier (which he found inside the guitar). Which makes it super sweet but makes it look like he approved of the guitar and was mistaken in breaking it which is incorrect. But now I’m actually going to shut up before you know what happens better than I do just from me telling you….

It ends with her peacing out to find her real mother.

Wait. Maybe that’s the end???? What if they don’t make any more movies??? NOOOOOOO!!!!! The fake Katie has to come and the real one has to get hired and foil the Evil Husband’s plans and ______________________________ !!! I’m Googling it.

I left out that last part because that is The Best Part of the Whole Movie/Book Series. I’m not telling you it. Too bad for you…

Please also note: as previously mentioned, I have read almost every Beverly Lewis book and therefore know a generous amount about the Amish, such as: they don’t wear wedding rings, makeup, or have their ears pierced, and they have large families generally (which doesn’t fit the kitchen table size), and their houses are incredibly plain (all white walls, etc.). This explains (at least, it should) my awkward nerdy comments to my friend who (I’m sure) completely understands everything I said. 🙂

And there you have it. My informal awkward movie review. Hope you enjoyed…

P.S. I Googled (another legit verb) the shunning movie sequel but didn’t really get anything…let me know if you find it!! 🙂


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