these are a few of my favourite things

So…I haven’t posted in a long time. Because I’ve been busy and didn’t know what to post about. So I decided to do a brief post on some of my new favourites in the last little while, from music to ipod apps. : )

favourite thing number one: evernote. This amazingly awesome ipod app takes notes for you (like a document except not) and allows you to save them on or offline and you can email them to yourself (when you’re online you can save them under your evernote account to access later). If you have a printer that receives a wi-fi signal, you can print them that way (I do this!)

favourite number two: forever reign by One Sonic Society. I love love love this song. : ) Although the lyrics aren’t “I’ll run into Your arms;” they’re actually, “I’m running to Your arms”…I just loved this video because it has a moving background.

number three: good to be alive by Jason Gray. An awesome get-up-and-dance-because-Jesus-is-awesome-and-life-is-good song. : ) (When I got the link from youtube for this, I replayed it three four times…)

I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow

Love like I’m on borrowed time

It’s good to be alive.

Oh yes.

favourite thing number four: pure by Terra Elan McVoy…a great teenage girl book about purity and God.  My friend lent it to me a while ago…and because I’m typically a sappy-Christian-historical-romance book kind of girl, I didn’t really think I’d like this modern-times book. Alas, I was wrong. Definitely a thumbs up.

 tortilla espanola is my number five favourite. It’s a new food my Spanish teacher introduced to my Spanish class and me gusta x 56. It’s basically fried potatoes with onions, etc. in with it…and I love it. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but once I tried it, I was sold.

I also love moleskine notebooks. I have yet to buy one because I don’t have any extra spending money right now…but yeah. Kinda want one. : )

I can’t think of anything else that is a new favourite…so hopefully you will be satisfied with six things. : )



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