worship his holy name (for real)

Have you ever been to church or youth group and found your friends (or you!) and you’re in the middle of worship…but no one’s singing?

I see more and more that young people are less and less interested in worshiping our God, especially when we’re around our friends. You go to youth group and worship is just extra social time; you whisper with your friends, giggle, tease, talk.

Have you ever thought about how God feels about this? I mean, sure, our leaders tell us to be quiet and respectful and not talk because they’re leaders and it’s kind of their job…but what about God’s opinion? We go to church or youth group once or twice a week and sing three or four songs. But if we spend that time talking to our friends or singing the songs but really not meaning it or taking any of the lyrics to heart, what does God think of that?

It doesn’t seem like a big deal that people talk during worship — until you put it into perspective.

God creates man. We sin, breaking God’s plan for us. We are doomed to eternity without God unless we make sacrifices to purify ourselves. God sends his only Son to die for us to take our punishment that we deserve for our sin. Then when we go to worship him, we can’t even focus for fifteen minutes on giving him praise he deserves so much we can’t even express it in words.

Do you think God is sad when he sees that we don’t give much meaning to our worship?

I challenge you to make your worship very real by focusing on God as you worship. Make it a time of prayerful worship. Worship was always meant to be meaningful, deliberate, and a time for one-on-one time with our Saviour. I challenge you to make your worship for real.


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