My friend and I had a conversation on Facebook. And it was so…I don’t know…meaningful? (I get kind of sick of saying “awesome” all the time.) So I decided to share it with all you wonderful people because it may (or may not) make you smile. If it does, then yay. If not, then not yay.

Me: Can I put a pic of you on my blog? …actually never mind.

Her: Sure you should 🙂

Me: Yeah but I don’t have any that don’t have our church’s name which I can’t do cause people will find out where I live and stalk me and kidnap me and I will never ever be heard from again…until I magically show up in Angola but by then I will be brainwashed and help the bad guys kill all the llamas on earth!!!

Her: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it, don’t do it! Not the llamas!

Me: See what posting pictures can lead to?

Her: Don’t kill the llamas! Poor llamas, oh poor llamas!

Me: Llamas are very poor. They don’t have anything. Except FUR. Or wool.

Her: Poor poor llamas.

Me: YES THEY DO. Llamas so have a job!

Her: Being awesome?

Me: No. Well, it’s their side job. Their #1 job is to…GROW HAIR. I mean, WOOL.

Her: Alpaca what?

Me: Do you KNOW what an alpaca is? It’s pretty much the same thing as a llama…BUT NOT.

Her: I know. 🙂


Her: hehe 🙂

Le End.

a story about llamas and Jesus

By Emily Sue and her friend Andrea during class. 

–           –           –

Once upon an eternity, Jesus was chillin’ with God. God said, “Son, I am going to make people.”

“Cool beans,” said Jesus, “What’re they?”

“Things that will love Me… but you’ll have to die for them,” replied God.

“Don’t worry; I’ll be glad to do it!” said Jesus, “But…”

“Yes?” questioned God.

“If you create people, can I invent My own creatures that will love Me?”

“Sure! Why, that’s a stupendous idea!” said God.

“SWEETNESS,” said Jesus, “They will have four legs, and sticky-up ears. They will have short fluffy tails and furriness all over them.”

“What will You call them?” asked God.

“I don’t know yet…” said Jesus, “Can I also create another animal?”


“Okay. This one will have a wide, flat, gigantinormous mouth/bill/beak. It will be shiny and live in the water. Maybe Australia. I will call it a Llama, and the fuzzy thing I mentioned earlier will be a Platypus.”

“Those. Names. Suck.” said God. “Switch them around!”

“But the shiny thing doesn’t sound like it should be called a platypus!”

“Well the fuzzy thing should still be called a Llama,” Said God.

“Okay, the fuzzy thing will be a Llama, and the shiny thing will be called an Andrea.”

“Awesome,” said God.

So Jesus made Llamas and Andreas.


Many years later, one Human testified as Llama-spit dripped down his face, “The Llamas turned evil…”

The End

a simple solution

This is a cord. And a window. A cord through a window. A cord through a window from inside a house.

Oh, dear. I sound like Doctor Seuss.

Let me start over.

Once upon a time, a girl was making a smoothie. She took out the clear plastic blender thing and put in a banana, blueberries, strawberries, and some milk. She pressed the power button. It didn’t turn on. Darn. She plugged in the blender and tried again. It worked. She held the button for a long time. The mixture turned white, then pink. But the white foamy stuff on top didn’t disappear! Emitting a sigh, the girl continued to hold the power button for several more minutes. The motor part of the blender began to get warm. Then hot. It was overheating. The girl knew the blender was past its prime so she gave it a rest. Then she started laughing. She called her brother. “Look!” she exclaimed. “It’s smoking!”

“Emily, you’d better turn it off. It’ll catch fire if you keep using it,” was the oh-so-wise advice of her younger brother.

“Yeah I know…I’ll let it cool off a bit.”

“Here — I know. We’ll do this.”

“Okay…that’s kinda dumb…”

“Yeah. But it works,” her brother replied.


Together the two rushed outside the laundry room door. “Don’t touch it,” the girl said. “I need to grab my camera!”

As the boy pulled out his 8GB 4th-generation ipod Touch, the girl snapped a picture. “I hope that cord isn’t going to be ruined,” the girl worried. “If we get in trouble, it’s your fault.” The idea worked, however, the smoothie was scrumptious, and the blender is once again functioning normally. For the most part.

Thus I am sitting here at the computer. The end. 🙂

Vintage What?

A friend of ours got new insulation and discovered something in her attic: old magazines, from the 1960’s! One of them was the November 26, 1960 edition of Saturday Night magazine. I flipped through it, and saw a full-page advertisement. At first glance, it reminded me of a vacuum cleaner. When I read what it was, I began to chuckle…

Know what this is?

NEW G-E HOME HAIR DRYER with exclusive G-E Zone Control

Such a good idea. You get professional results in no time, right in your own home without losing a moment from telephone, TV or (excuse it) housework. Wear it as a shoulder bag, or as a waist “corsage.” So quiet you can hardly hear it. So gentle you never feel it — exclusive G-E Zone Control has four separate comfort settings for hair drying. Attractive modern design looks well on any dressing table. See it, try it, and you’ll be glad when you buy it.

Reach-in draw-string cap lets you concentrate heat where you want it. adjusts to any head size and hair style. With bonnet detached, use the tube as a handy spot dryer.

(The above is the exact quote advertisement from magazine.)

He, he he…

I showed it to my father and he said that these were very popular; he remembers his mother having one! He said he and his brother used to laugh at them…apparently once they tried it on. 😉 I wonder what their mother thought of that…

It’s interesting how different our current view of “modern” is and what it was back then. It’s startling to think how things have changed in the last 40 or 50 years! I remember how annoyed I was when I had a History essay to write and it had to include 2 or 3 sources which were not from the Internet — they had to be from books. It takes so much longer! And it’s harder to find books on a certain thing (depending what it is) when you can type a word into a search engine (Google!) and thousands of results come up in a matter of seconds!

With humans’ culture constantly changing through the years, it reminds me that God is timeless. He knows no boundaries of time. It’s just another way that His thoughts are higher than ours.