I know who I am

I love this! Umm…what is it?? It’s a bell-shaped list of who we are in Christ. 🙂 My small group leader at youth had this cut out and laminated, and then she put on magnets and has it on her fridge. She gave us all copies of it. I love this idea. It’s a great reminder of who we are as children of God.

At the bottom of this post (under the bell!) I’ve put the link to the PDF of this. Print it off and put it somewhere you can see it or tape it into a scrapbook or — better yet — your scrapbook journal! You can try printing it out on coloured paper to add a bit to it, too. 🙂

 Who I Am in Christ Bell – click to print!

God bless!

a creative way to journal: scrapbook journal

I got this idea from the Seven Sisters‘ blog: a scrapbook journal.

For those of you who don’t really like the whole idea of journaling because it requires too much writing and time or for those of you who are just bored with dull journals, this creative “journal” is for you!

The Seven Sisters did them…here.

A Holy Experience did them…here.

Cheaper by the Dozen did them…here.

And now I’m doing one. 🙂

It’s so easy to make a scrapbook journal, and is something that you will forever keep because of the treasured memories in it.

All you really need is old magazines and a sketchbook (this one is great, though you may want one larger…I got a larger one at Wal-Mart for $15)

Take your old magazines and rip out any pages which have pictures you like or neat words…anything that catches your attention, really. Arrange them on your different sketchbook pages in interesting ways…colour coordinating or contrasting? Rough or smooth edges? Play!

I personally like just tearing the edges along a ruler edge, as it softens it and gives it a more “homey” feel. But it’s yours, so make it to reflect you!

I also decided to add some lined paper, due to the fact that I cannot write on a straight line to save my life. I am so glad lined paper was invented…

I write my to-do lists, things I did, notes, scripture, thoughts, quotes…pretty much anything that happens in my day a I want to remember! Check out the other bloggers who have done them if you haven’t already; you might get some great ideas!


365 days before

A few minutes ago, I was sitting here, thinking… What on earth could I write about today? Aren’t you glad you now know what I was thinking at approximately 6:01pm? It could change your life. You never know.

Anyhoo, I was trying to come up with an idea to post about when I got an idea. (Whoa. Didn’t see that one coming.) My idea was to dig out my old diaries/journals from as far back as 2004 and do a post on what I was doing/writing a year ago today, and two years ago today, and three years ago today…etc.

…so here goes:

Five years ago…

Dear Diary: we found Pepper [our cat] today. We lost her almost two months ago. The boys are on the computer right now. I am sorta bored right now. I think I am going to find some ribbons for my hair. Bye!

– Love Emily Sue

Two years ago…

It’s been forever since I’ve written, but I’ve been writing in other journals. I just got back from an orthodontist appointment. It was a free consultation, I think. Anyway, he said they might need to do surgical work on me! Yikes! But Dad said orthodontists always go to the extreme, a bit. So yeah.

I got my ears pierced on Monday! Melissa’s is the same, 14 karat gold instead of gold-plated. So yeah…it hurt a bit when it went in, but not after. All I felt after was a burning sensation for about 2 hours, but that’s completely normal.

Sorry to disappoint…nothing half-decent to record…only two entries…I apologize.

That’s pretty sad that I’ve been keeping diaries for the past seven years…and I only wrote on November 25 twice. Not including this year. Maybe I should go do that. Sometime…

What do you write about in your journal/diary? If you have one, that is. What were you doing a year or four ago?

healing rain

I love the rain.

It’s a new life, washing us clean.

It’s the love of God, completely covering us.

It’s Jesus’ redemptive grace, falling all over us.

It’s God’s tears, for He cries when we cry and is happy when we are filled with joy.

It’s what we dance in. Sing in. Laugh in.

It’s God’s loving mercies, falling all over us to give us new life and make us His Own.

It’s healing rain.


Click the play button to listen to Healing Rain by Michael W. Smith — a wonderful song, reminding us of God’s unending grace and healing!

Bucket Lists

Have you ever heard of a bucket list?

I never had.

Until one day, when I was browsing polka dot’s blog.

Then my eyes were opened. She had some pretty awesome stuff…like “eat a donut in my wedding dress.” 😉

So anyway, what’s a bucket list again? It’s pretty much a list of things you want to do before you die (this thought could be happy or sad; depending how you look at it. It’s meant to be happy).

Since I have nothing else to post about (I’ll post about my first day of school tomorrow; don’t worry! lol…I’m sure you all want to hear about that), I’ll post my bucket list in-the-making (seriously in-the-making. Like, 3 things kind of in-the-making).

  1. learn Dutch
  2. visit Holland
  3. go to the East coast (P.E.I.!!!)
  4. make a quilt (officially in the process!)
  5. visit St. Jacobs with my best friend Melissa ^_^
  6. gallop on a horse bareback down a moonlit beach
  7. live on a farm 🙂 (I’ve always wanted to…)
  8. go to Bible college
  9. learn how to surf
  10. swim in crystal-clear blue waters in Hawaii or something 🙂
  11. own a 1950s vintage Schwinn bike (picture)
  12. get my drivers’ license (full G!)
  13. own a ’50s poodle skirt
  14. climb a silo
Okay…so maybe not 3 to-do’s. 14. Not much better…well, a bit. Not really. I’ll just call this little self-conflict undecided. There’s a reason I’m called blonde….
Anyhoo, you should try this. I’m attempting to get up to 100. 🙂 That would be fun. And when I do, I’ll post it…won’t you have fun reading that post! 😉