modesty matters

As Christian teen girls in today’s society, it is extremely difficult to be modest yet dress attractively. It doesn’t help that all of our non-Christian friends give no regard to modesty or that media all around us is telling us that it doesn’t matter. Top that off with your pastor telling you one thing, your parents telling you another, and then all the different resources out there giving you specific guidelines when it comes to what exactly is modest, and you’re downright confused. It’s easier to say to just forget the whole thing and do whatever you want — all the different Christian influences in your life can’t agree anyway on what exactly is considered modest and what isn’t, so why bother?

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a great “resource” out there for you! It’s actually a survey filled out by 1 500 Christian guys ages 12+ that allows you to make modesty decisions based on what you know of a guy’s perspective.

In case you haven’t heard of the Rebelution Blog, it’s a blog by Alex and Brett Harris that they released to start a revolution encouraging teens to “Do Hard Things.”

One of the “hard things” they helped a teen girl do was to put out a modesty survey for Christian guys to take and to help girls know what guys are thinking when it comes to the decisions girls make about modesty. As I mentioned, 1 500 Christian guys of all ages were surveyed (mostly teen guys) and were asked very specifically what types of clothing they thought were modest — everything from bathing suits to jeans to jewelry to shoes.

This may be a little hard to see, but this is an example of how a survey result would look. You can select a statement and see how many guys strongly disagree, strongly agree, etc. This result states, “Guys notice whether a girl dresses modestly or not.” As you can see, 66.9% of all the guys who did this survey strongly agree, and 29.4% agree (together that’s 96.3% of all guys agreed who did the survey!).

Here’s another one…

Modesty is an important quality for your future wife to have.” Altogether, 95.4% of the guys who took this survey agreed.

As you may (or may not) be able to see in these pictures, you can also select a filter and put the results through that. So say you only want the guys’ opinions who are 17 years old. Just select that on the sidebar of the survey and you’re good to go. : )

I hope you’ll put this great resource to use, as it can help you define what is modest and immodest. At the very least it gives you a true guys’ perspective and allows you to make your decisions on that.

However, I can’t talk about modesty in dressing without mentioning having a modest spirit. Guys notice this too!

A modestly dressed girl can still be a stumbling block because of her attitude and behavior.” How many guys agreed (strongly or otherwise) with this? 93.8%.

Character, intelligence, and personality are more important than physical beauty.” Remember, this is from the guys themselves! 91.1% of all the guys agreed with this statement.

This reaffirmed for me that character really does matter. Why? Because it lasts, and it’s what truly satisfies. Remember that and seek God first.



with one purpose

Well, I’m back. I last posted in May of this year, and I needed a break to finish the school year by getting through exams…and I also needed to get my focus back for blogging. I read a magazine article challenging why people blog, and I realized that I needed to fix a few things. The article I read “sorted” bloggers into different categories — bloggers who want to be someone they’re not, or who want to be “preachers” to others (when they may not have the wisdom, experience or ability to do so), etc. So I decided to take a break and maybe revisit blogging in a while — or maybe not.

So here I am. When I started my blog, it was to be a light for Christ in the blogging-and-cyberspace world. I started to get away from that and was posting about personal goings-on, such as school, good movies to see, books to read, etc. None of that is wrong! But that’s not why I originally started blogging, and I wanted to stick to my original focus: serving Christ.

That being said, I also started to post “devotionals” or “sermons” — whatever you want to call them — teaching people how to live their lives for God. And I really have no expertise in that area. Rather than teach, I want to challenge; make people think. I don’t want to choose an issue and pick it apart, because I have no authority to do so; nor should I pretend to have that authority.

I’ve come to realize that now, and I have decided to tentatively start blogging again, but for one reason only: to be a light for Christ, encourage, and challenge other youth in the world. I give all the glory to God right now, and in blogging, the focus will be kept on Him and Him alone.

these are a few of my favourite things

So…I haven’t posted in a long time. Because I’ve been busy and didn’t know what to post about. So I decided to do a brief post on some of my new favourites in the last little while, from music to ipod apps. : )

favourite thing number one: evernote. This amazingly awesome ipod app takes notes for you (like a document except not) and allows you to save them on or offline and you can email them to yourself (when you’re online you can save them under your evernote account to access later). If you have a printer that receives a wi-fi signal, you can print them that way (I do this!)

favourite number two: forever reign by One Sonic Society. I love love love this song. : ) Although the lyrics aren’t “I’ll run into Your arms;” they’re actually, “I’m running to Your arms”…I just loved this video because it has a moving background.

number three: good to be alive by Jason Gray. An awesome get-up-and-dance-because-Jesus-is-awesome-and-life-is-good song. : ) (When I got the link from youtube for this, I replayed it three four times…)

I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow

Love like I’m on borrowed time

It’s good to be alive.

Oh yes.

favourite thing number four: pure by Terra Elan McVoy…a great teenage girl book about purity and God.  My friend lent it to me a while ago…and because I’m typically a sappy-Christian-historical-romance book kind of girl, I didn’t really think I’d like this modern-times book. Alas, I was wrong. Definitely a thumbs up.

 tortilla espanola is my number five favourite. It’s a new food my Spanish teacher introduced to my Spanish class and me gusta x 56. It’s basically fried potatoes with onions, etc. in with it…and I love it. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but once I tried it, I was sold.

I also love moleskine notebooks. I have yet to buy one because I don’t have any extra spending money right now…but yeah. Kinda want one. : )

I can’t think of anything else that is a new favourite…so hopefully you will be satisfied with six things. : )


letters for life

My church has  a group of youth that are pro-life. Our goal is to spread awareness about abortion and God’s view on it, and eventually end abortion in Canada forever. We were told about Letters4Life. Letters4Life is a campaign to write 100, 000 letters to our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, by May 10, the annual March for Life on Parliament Hill. I encourage you to do this, because your letter could save an unborn baby’s life.

Please take a moment to save lives. Postage is free, and you can even send a form letter if you’d like, signed by you.


Go here to make a difference!


Here in Canada (well, Ontario) we have been having extremely warm weather. It’s unseasonable…and very weird-you-out type of weather. Like, we’re talking +25 C on March Break. Yup, me and my friends…walking to McDonald’s for ice cream in shorts and t-shirts. Like it was summer.

The bummer part was that it was only a one-week break; not eight. 😦 Had a ton of fun though. My friend visited for the week, and I got lots of quality hang-out time in.

My church is also putting on an Easter play in which I am a crowd person. I get to wear a funky costume and yell at people. That’s my kind of thing. But maybe not the whole yelling-at-people part. Well, depends who it is. Moving on…

So now: random instagrams.

rrroll up the rim to win! It’s that time of year again…

A beautiful March Break sunset (: Oh happiness. (note: that’s a song.)

My church is putting on an Easter play. It’s kinda awesome. We all have pretty legit costumes. This is a picture of me and my friend’s lower appendages in costume. I have red nail polish on. 🙂 I had to always be lifting my skirt to run cause it was super duper long. Like, hazardous-to-my-health kind of long. I felt pretty coolio wearing it though. 🙂

The love for llamas is one that will never fade away…

And now: Oh Happiness by the David Crowder Band.

Just kinda makes you want to jump up and praise the Lord, si?