Jesus swagger

Recently, I’ve discovered (via facebook) this website by Jarrid Wilson: It’s awesome pictures of awesome stuff…you should just check it out. : ) It’s all facebook-postable, twitter-tweetable, pinterest-pinnable, and email-mailable. Each quote has a corresponding Bible verse or explanation too. Here’s a taste of what you’ll see when you visit the website.









Happy Thanksgiving!! (Canada!)



Here in Canada (well, Ontario) we have been having extremely warm weather. It’s unseasonable…and very weird-you-out type of weather. Like, we’re talking +25 C on March Break. Yup, me and my friends…walking to McDonald’s for ice cream in shorts and t-shirts. Like it was summer.

The bummer part was that it was only a one-week break; not eight. 😦 Had a ton of fun though. My friend visited for the week, and I got lots of quality hang-out time in.

My church is also putting on an Easter play in which I am a crowd person. I get to wear a funky costume and yell at people. That’s my kind of thing. But maybe not the whole yelling-at-people part. Well, depends who it is. Moving on…

So now: random instagrams.

rrroll up the rim to win! It’s that time of year again…

A beautiful March Break sunset (: Oh happiness. (note: that’s a song.)

My church is putting on an Easter play. It’s kinda awesome. We all have pretty legit costumes. This is a picture of me and my friend’s lower appendages in costume. I have red nail polish on. 🙂 I had to always be lifting my skirt to run cause it was super duper long. Like, hazardous-to-my-health kind of long. I felt pretty coolio wearing it though. 🙂

The love for llamas is one that will never fade away…

And now: Oh Happiness by the David Crowder Band.

Just kinda makes you want to jump up and praise the Lord, si?

bucket list update


Although I’ve posted about bucket lists before, I only had 14 so far. Until like three days ago. Now I have 41. (The 4 and 1 just got switched around! cool.)

So I thought I’d give an Emily’s bucket list update.

my bucket list.

1. learn Dutch

2. visit Holland

3. go to the East Coast

4. make a quilt

5. visit St. Jacob’s

6. gallop bareback down moonlit beach

7. live on a farm 😉

8. go to Bible college

9. learn how to surf

10. swim in clear blue ocean

11. own a vintage Schwinn bike

12. get driver’s license

13. own a poodle skirt

14. climb a silo

15. make a sock monkey

16. experience a real snowday

17. learn French

18. learn Spanish

19. read through whole Bible

20. read To Kill a Mockingbird

21. go backpacking (camping)

22. pull an all-nighter

23. see abortion made illegal in Canada

24. get 90% average (1 semester)

25. visit New York City

26. go on a cruise

27. fly in an airplane

28. get a pedicure

29. hug a llama ^_^

30. go to Reid’s Dairy with Bailey (my wonderful friend 🙂 )

31. ride in a Volkswagon Bug

32. go to a Mandarin restaurant

33. watch Courageous

34. go to South America

35. eat a leek

36. learn how to play guitar

37. get my grade 8 piano

38. get baptized

39. read Mere Christianity

40. go on a road trip!

41.go to drive-in movie theatre

january in a bubble

I haven’t posted since…well, my last post, I guess. And I need to. So I’m just chillin’ today (after school) and don’t have much homework (someone circle the calendar)…

So my month — and year so far — in a bubble.

Well, a post.

I just like the sound of bubble.

New Year’s Eve. We had a bunch of families from church over, played Apples to Apples, manhunt in the dark at a local park, and ate oliebollen. For those of you who don’t know what oliebollen is, it’s Dutch heaven-in-your-mouth.

Then it was back to school…

The first week of school I had a ridiculous amount of work. I wouldn’t live through it again if you paid me $200.

As I mentioned before, I did some work on my quilt. To date I have 6 squares done. 19 to go.

My companion during homework…

And so, as exams approach and I prepare say good-bye to French, World Religions, Foods and Biology forever (…at least until next semester), my stress level goes from 2 to 300 000, and I try to maintain a fragment of sanity for the sake of, well, me, I know God has great things in store for me in the remaining 11 months of 2012. Which, by the way, is going well. (: So on my list of things to do this year…finish quilt, get through exams alive and with an 85% + average, grow in Christ, and sing the llama song in front of my school. …well, maybe just my class. I don’t really have a burning desire to sing the llama song in front of 1 600 + kids. 30 will do.

I hope you have had/will have a wonderful January 2012!