Jesus swagger

Recently, I’ve discovered (via facebook) this website by Jarrid Wilson: It’s awesome pictures of awesome stuff…you should just check it out. : ) It’s all facebook-postable, twitter-tweetable, pinterest-pinnable, and email-mailable. Each quote has a corresponding Bible verse or explanation too. Here’s a taste of what you’ll see when you visit the website.









Happy Thanksgiving!! (Canada!)


to be thought of

It’s really quite incredible when you think about it. Actually, it’s incredible times infinity squared. Cubed. Infinity to the exponent of infinity.

What kind of being would love us enough to want to make us, knowing that we would sin and that he would need to sacrifice his own perfect Son for these sinful people? It’s baffling. Bewildering. Incredible. Magnificent. Incomprehensible…and simply impossible for anyone but God.

What’s even more confusing is how people can turn away from and deny a God that loves them that much. It’s tragic, really. But God has called us to reach out to these people by simply being God’s love. When others fail to see God, they can’t help but see us.

Just a thought: you may be the only Bible someone ever sees.