he lifts me up, every time.

I have discovered I absolutely LOVE the song Lift Me Up by the Afters. It never fails to encourage me and remind me that God will always lift us up when we are down. We need only ask Him and trust Him…which is, unfortunately, often the hardest part. But doing to will never result in disappointment. God will never fail us.

Hearing the music has always encouraged me, but seeing the video made me realize how alone and lost others might be. Just because you see them every Sunday at church and they smile doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling alone and forgotten. The older lady in the video had sympathy cards, but they didn’t help her feel much better. (There’s certainly nothing wrong with cards, but sometimes you need to go a little further.) Watching this made me see how much a difference I can make in others’ lives by simply offering a kind word. I think we should all make the effort to reach out to others whether we think they need it or not. God will bless and reward your efforts. 🙂

You lift me up when I am weak

Your arms wrap around me

Your love catches me so I’m letting go

You lift me up when I can’t see

Your heart’s all that I need

Your love carries me so I’m letting go 

God bless!