modesty matters

As Christian teen girls in today’s society, it is extremely difficult to be modest yet dress attractively. It doesn’t help that all of our non-Christian friends give no regard to modesty or that media all around us is telling us that it doesn’t matter. Top that off with your pastor telling you one thing, your parents telling you another, and then all the different resources out there giving you specific guidelines when it comes to what exactly is modest, and you’re downright confused. It’s easier to say to just forget the whole thing and do whatever you want — all the different Christian influences in your life can’t agree anyway on what exactly is considered modest and what isn’t, so why bother?

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a great “resource” out there for you! It’s actually a survey filled out by 1 500 Christian guys ages 12+ that allows you to make modesty decisions based on what you know of a guy’s perspective.

In case you haven’t heard of the Rebelution Blog, it’s a blog by Alex and Brett Harris that they released to start a revolution encouraging teens to “Do Hard Things.”

One of the “hard things” they helped a teen girl do was to put out a modesty survey for Christian guys to take and to help girls know what guys are thinking when it comes to the decisions girls make about modesty. As I mentioned, 1 500 Christian guys of all ages were surveyed (mostly teen guys) and were asked very specifically what types of clothing they thought were modest — everything from bathing suits to jeans to jewelry to shoes.

This may be a little hard to see, but this is an example of how a survey result would look. You can select a statement and see how many guys strongly disagree, strongly agree, etc. This result states, “Guys notice whether a girl dresses modestly or not.” As you can see, 66.9% of all the guys who did this survey strongly agree, and 29.4% agree (together that’s 96.3% of all guys agreed who did the survey!).

Here’s another one…

Modesty is an important quality for your future wife to have.” Altogether, 95.4% of the guys who took this survey agreed.

As you may (or may not) be able to see in these pictures, you can also select a filter and put the results through that. So say you only want the guys’ opinions who are 17 years old. Just select that on the sidebar of the survey and you’re good to go. : )

I hope you’ll put this great resource to use, as it can help you define what is modest and immodest. At the very least it gives you a true guys’ perspective and allows you to make your decisions on that.

However, I can’t talk about modesty in dressing without mentioning having a modest spirit. Guys notice this too!

A modestly dressed girl can still be a stumbling block because of her attitude and behavior.” How many guys agreed (strongly or otherwise) with this? 93.8%.

Character, intelligence, and personality are more important than physical beauty.” Remember, this is from the guys themselves! 91.1% of all the guys agreed with this statement.

This reaffirmed for me that character really does matter. Why? Because it lasts, and it’s what truly satisfies. Remember that and seek God first.



pure love (the mushy kind)

So just to clarify…this post is about pure love, between a man and a woman — the kind of love that is pure in God’s eyes.

My youth group is doing a series on this kind of love.

Not the typical marriage- _  _  _ -and-dating talk, but love…something so often avoided by youth groups.

However it’s just the girls group doing it, so it’s all from the girls’ point of view!

Moving on…

This week, I’ll talk about:

…why girls are like crockpots & boys are like microwaves

…how you know when a guy really loves you

…what types of things that show character in a guy

…the difference between love and infatuation

…and a lot more!

You can learn from this stuff whether you’re dating or not, and it’s stuff that will stay with you for a lifetime. Our girls’ youth leader had bought us small journals to write notes in, etc. She encourages us to keep them forever so we can go back and look in them.

I’ll be writing a post (about) once a week…so keep checking back for my blog series on love!