with one purpose

Well, I’m back. I last posted in May of this year, and I needed a break to finish the school year by getting through exams…and I also needed to get my focus back for blogging. I read a magazine article challenging why people blog, and I realized that I needed to fix a few things. The article I read “sorted” bloggers into different categories — bloggers who want to be someone they’re not, or who want to be “preachers” to others (when they may not have the wisdom, experience or ability to do so), etc. So I decided to take a break and maybe revisit blogging in a while — or maybe not.

So here I am. When I started my blog, it was to be a light for Christ in the blogging-and-cyberspace world. I started to get away from that and was posting about personal goings-on, such as school, good movies to see, books to read, etc. None of that is wrong! But that’s not why I originally started blogging, and I wanted to stick to my original focus: serving Christ.

That being said, I also started to post “devotionals” or “sermons” — whatever you want to call them — teaching people how to live their lives for God. And I really have no expertise in that area. Rather than teach, I want to challenge; make people think. I don’t want to choose an issue and pick it apart, because I have no authority to do so; nor should I pretend to have that authority.

I’ve come to realize that now, and I have decided to tentatively start blogging again, but for one reason only: to be a light for Christ, encourage, and challenge other youth in the world. I give all the glory to God right now, and in blogging, the focus will be kept on Him and Him alone.

set apart girl

My friend recently showed me an online magazine by Leslie Ludy, called Set Apart Girl.

It’s a really good magazine for Christian teen girls. It is released bi-monthly, and the November-December issue is out now. 🙂 It’s in a real magazine format, on the website issuu.com. I’ve been browsing through it and I love it! All its content is God-glorifying and is a great read for any Christian teen girl striving to serve the Lord in everything.

You can go to it here: issuu.com/setapartgirl

This is a sample of what your screen will look like when you read it. It’s full-screen, the pages actually turn ( 🙂 ), and it’s a very easy-to-read format because of the page previews on the bottom.

Some more screen shots…

I highly recommend this magazine! I hope they put it into print soon…it would be nice to get a hard copy of it! Check it out! It’s free, easy to read, interesting and will help you grow in your walk with God.